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Category: Polyester DTY

Dope Dyed Polyester Yarn is the same as natural yarns

Choosing the correct guide for your application is critical to ensure quality production and process control. Machine manufacturers for thread and Polyester DTY processing machines may not always choose the best guide for your application. This is because most machines are designed with general processing in mind, and cheaper guides are often considered wear items that can be sold as high margin replacement parts.

What about waste?

Commission converting agreements normally have an agreed upon allowable waste factor expressed as a percentage of raw material processed. Typical values are between two to five percent when first quality raw materials are supplied to the converter. Waste greater than allowed may be charged back to the converter or replaced depending on the agreement specifics.

How about quality?

The best yarn converters are ISO 9001 registered and can build to, and provide, written yarn specifications for commission converting operations as well as certificates of analysis with verification of product specifications and testing.

Solution or doped dyed yarns are created by adding a masterbatch colorant to the polymer melt in spinning or extrusion. This results in fibers and filaments that are fully impregnated with pigment coming out of the spinnerets in a one step process.


Solution Dyed yarn is highly resistant to UV fade and shade changes

Solution dyed yarns are fully uniform in color and typically do not vary from lot to lot

Solution dyed yarns are colorfast, resistant to multiple washings and mild bleach solutions

Energy costs for Dope Dyed Polyester Yarn is the same as natural yarns

More environmentally friendly since no water is used in the solution dying process