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With Jeezy’s, Trap or Die, Drake’s Thank Me Later, and Rick Ross’ Teflon Don CDs in heavy rotation, it’s no wonder Lawrence Tomberlin-Nixon, born March 15, 1983 in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a motivated and highly-driven producer and rapper. His debut mixed album, Gut Work - Vol. 1, From Nothing to Something was completed in July, 2010, where he worked closely with his childhood friend and music partner, Gregory Hicks, Jr., also known as Propane Pyro. The two are instrumental in running a music studio in downtown West Palm Beach and perform together in various shows throughout the state of Florida.
Lawrence, better known as Yung Swagga, has four sisters, three brothers, and one 3-year old son. When asked his most memorable career moment, he remembers performing in front of his family. He said, “It’s nothing like performing in front of the people that have known you before you were you!! When I see them enjoying themselves as much as me, it’s very rewarding.”  
Having patience is the most difficult thing about being an artist, Lawrence says. “As fast as the money, fame, glitz and glamour can come; it can be taken away from you just like that.”  When asked, what keeps him grounded and focused on success in the music industry, he answers, “I’m learning to soak up the good times and the bad times and appreciate everything.” On the other hand, he enjoys being an artist because of the4 ability to be himself at all times. “Its nothing like being original. Nobody can do you better than you!”



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